Oracle Maps Cloud

Oracle Maps Cloud is a cloud-based map data service for use with licensed Oracle applications and services.

It provides mapping, geocoding and routing capabilities similar to those provided by many popular commercial online mapping services. Applications integrate these capabilities using XML and JavaScript APIs. The service uses Oracle Cloud and Oracle Spatial and Graph technologies. It is provided under the Oracle Maps Cloud Service Enterprise Hosting and Delivery Policies.

The data used is licensed from HERE Technologies. The HERE Technologies data used by this service are subject to these Supplier Notices and End-User Terms. Additional license and usage terms may apply based on the application license associated with the use of the service.

Oracle Maps Cloud offers three basic types of services:
  1. Geocoding service takes input addresses (or Point of Interest name) and converts it to a latitude/longitude location. It also performs reverse geocoding and includes a time zone API.
  2. Mapping service renders a map image based on the map request specified by the user. Multiple map styles are available for navigable, thematic, and background maps.
  3. Routing (Driving Directions) service returns turn-by-turn directions based on street network analysis. An API to return Time/Distance results is also provided.